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Slurry pump industry ceramic tool superior


Domestic enterprises engaged in the production of slurry pumps and their parts processing, are faced with a choice of mechanical processing tools, which is determined by the basic performance of their products, the most important feature of the Slurry Pump transport fluid path has a high resistance It is suitable for transporting abrasive or corrosive slurry. Its products are widely used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, coal, transportation, electricity, building materials and municipal engineering projects for mining, dredging, transportation Tail, concentrate sand, ash, slime, iron and other strong abrasions, high concentration of slurry transport.

At present, most domestic wear-resistant slurry pump components are made of high-chromium cast iron, high-chromium cast iron casting hardness up to about HRC65, is the current performance of one of the best wear-resistant materials, the amount of its alloy, the production process is complex, Since 1980s, it was applied to 90 years in our country. Its machining usually adopts cemented carbide cutting tools. The machining process is complicated, the cost is high and the efficiency is low. The difficult mechanical processing has plagued many mechanical processing factories.

Ceramic cutting tool is a new type of material cutting tool in modern metal cutting. It is characterized by high hardness, high strength, high red hardness, high wear resistance, excellent chemical stability and low friction coefficient. It can not only process some ordinary blades Can not be processed superhard materials, but also can improve production efficiency.

The use of ceramic knives in a number of slurry pump manufacturers has proved that it can indeed solve the machining difficulties of high-chromium cast iron, which not only effectively reduces the production cost but also greatly improves the production efficiency. Slurry pump wear parts generally include sheath (worm wheel), guard (front guard, rear guard), impeller, deputy impeller, vacuum cap, the following part of the wear-resistant parts of the processing for specific analysis of the process :

First, the use of ordinary tooling

Processing Technology: Casting - Annealing - Cutting - Quenching

Brief Analysis: The process has been twice heat treatment, long cycle, high cost, with the requirements of the guard plate and sheath, annealing without direct processing, only low-speed cutting, the production efficiency is too low.

Second, the use of ceramic cutting tools

Processing Technology: Casting - cutting

Brief analysis: 1, to reduce the two heat treatment processes, greatly reducing energy costs, short production cycle. 2, the use of ceramic tools, can be annealed directly rough, finishing, not only to reduce the two heat treatment processes, saving a lot of energy costs, and can be high-speed cutting, substantially improve production efficiency, with less equipment to meet The need for production or the same equipment meets the higher yield requirements.

At present, there are many domestic manufacturers of ceramic cutting tools, cutting tools, more types of material, large differences in performance, it is necessary to solve the high chromium cast iron machining, the right choice of ceramic cutting tools is extremely important, if not properly selected, not only affect your promotion The use of ceramic tools, which affect your production, and will lead to your loss of confidence ceramic tool, which has been using ordinary tooling, the impact of the company's development.

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